An offering of 16 foot lengths would provide soooo many fewer seams for esthetics, I am surprised you do not offer the option. Please to advise. We are a little disappointed to say the least considering we could have gone with any other product and possibly for cheaper and decided on yours. Best. It currently handles 3′ feet of snow on occasion with no problem. Read honest and unbiased … Thanks. While we don’t state specific limits, in most areas 1/4″ between butt ends and 3/16″ between planks is sufficient but we also provide some additional information about how to determine the correct expansion requirements for extreme climates. The ceiling has a 2/12 pitch. Just asked for a third time. Not addressed here so far as I can tell. I just emailed Dean Daley about this matter as well. Hi Stuart, Hi Elizabeth, How to Prevent Condensation in Cathedral Ceiling? B. Cali-Bamboo. Please reference the formula below to calculate your expansion space. I have deck that is 16 feet 6 inches wide and 12 feet long. Here’s some info about the slip test (ASTM D2394 coefficient of friction) and our rating. However, knowing the difference in performance would surely help people understand the consequences of seeking a lower price. TruOrganics Decking Textured Slip Test Results 1(888) 788-2254. Can we agree that if we have a rod and a tube, made of the same material, of the same length and diameter, the tube would have a higher strength to weight ratio than the rod? The key to BamDeck®’s extraordinary density is its composition. Hi Glen, Walker, We need some tongue in groove composite decking and cant seem to find any we are planning on replacing a upper uncovered porch over a lower porch have a wrap around lower and upper porch. It is often referred to simply as the elastic modulus.” Hi Bruce, Which product would be a good choice to use on a dock that is in 4 by 8 sections that is removed annually. You’ll also want to use board sealer on all cut and exposed board ends to be extra safe. Normally this shouldn’t be an issue as long as the boards are flat, but I’ve never personally screwed into a fiberglass deck board. Which of the three would be the best for my entrance deck where I have metal table, chairs and seating…most resistant to scratches or marks? By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. Climate is Salt Lake City. Hi Jon, The project would have all been wonderful, were it not for one big issue. Yes, but it should be done carefully. Hi Brad, BamDeck has a beautiful low-gloss matte finish and is very popular in the dry Southwest and Florida. We’d be happy to put together a project estimate for you, just give us a call at 1(888) 788-2254 and one of our Green Building experts will answer all of your questions. Considering a 20×20 deck that may end up becoming an enclosed room later on. They are 16″ on center (48 inches wide, 4 stringers). •Coefficient of Linear Expansion (CLE): 0.04 mm/m (°C) / 20.2 x 10E-6 inch/inch/ (°F) Hi Ruben, What is the cost. I’m concerned about the composite decking being too hot in the summer and will the extreme heat warp the decking. I see Carlee has reached out to you, she can help answer all of your questions. AZEK will be much lighter in weight and feel slightly different under your feet. Can you comment about that? We ship nationwide. How does your product withstand this type of weather? Since BamDeck 3G is such an amazingly water resistant material, there really isn’t any reason why you would need to keep water out of the channels. How is TruOrganics less eco-friendly as BamDeck? Can the Bamdeck be applied over the top of the existing wood deck assuming structurally its all sound? Also, there is a picture that appears on the main page that shows what appears to be a blue deck. Our Deck Tiles, however, are specifically designed to be placed right on top of slabs. I have 262 sq. Seems like once the water/moisture enters the holes.. it will sit there forever.. and then the composite will rot from the inside out.. otherwise I am liking the samples sent…, Hi Mark, And if you’re still stuck on 16, take a look at our American Made Infinity™ Composite Decking it comes in 16′ lengths. Thanks! Hello: What do you think about using 3G Wide with the round holes for raised beds? Are there special boards that we can use for the skirt that have the ability to curve? Best, So if one composite is capped on 4 sides with holes in it and the other is capped on 3 sides with with no holes which holds water more? As an Arizona native, I know that hot. Under what circumstances would I not consider this product? Best, Why is that and what changes in the product were made from 3G to 4g? Thank you. One of our sales reps did just that, check out his photos here. Walker. Use 16′ decking and frame the edges or use 8′ decking and use a breaker board down the middle like this. It’s the substructure you’re gonna have trouble with, have you looked into concrete, steel or aluminum? We are very happy with the color and the large modern width of the boards. Our deck installation, using Bamdeck 3G Wide Composite decking, was completed about 6 weeks ago. We have tried cleaning it using your suggested deck cleaning products and it still looks faded. How would your product compare and is there a specific product line of yours that would be cooler than the other. Our product offerings include bamboo flooring, fencing, plywood, poles, and recycled composite decking. LOOKING FOR A PRODUCT THAT IS NOT SIDINGG AND CAN PUT UP NEW BOARDS VERTICALLY AND NOT HAVE THE MAINTAINENCE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS. Your email address will not be published. This video is about my Cali Bamboo flooring 3 years later.Below is the link to the initial video I did during the install. Can BamDeck work with existing pressure treated wood structure and traditional/existing iron fencing? Is there a drainage system or sheeting for under the decking? BamDeck Pro360 and TruOrganics are very similar as they are both fully wrapped and are great for large pets, but BanDeck Pro360 contains bamboo/plastic composite core and TruOrganics is a hardwood/plastic composite. Thanks for the question, I’m looking into it. Bamdeck 4G 12” on center = 617 lbs. It has to do with bending the plank to see how far it will bend before it snaps. They’re perfect for small patios or places where you don’t necessarily want to build a substructure. TruOrganics Looking at a re-do on my existing deck, however, I’m also planning on extending it from 28′ to about 42′, and increasing it from 12′ wide to about 14′. Expansion space = Coefficient of Linear Expansion (CLE, °C or °F) x Length of the Board (mm / inches) x Interesting product! Given the expense for the decking, I need confidence that the product lifetime will be significantly longer than PT. I am just starting to research the possibility of replacing my old pressure treated wooden deck boards with a composite product and have a question about surface of such products. While capped decking is highly regarded in the decking industry due to its resistance to UV fading, scratches, and stains, be wary of companies that cut corners by only capping 1-3 sides of the board instead of all four. Because of BamDeck®’s superior density, it absorbs 90% less water than other composites and plastic decks. It seems to be limited to capped or wrapped composite decking. Pressure-treated 2×8 Deck Boards are rotting after about 9 years. Also, we would need about 800sf with 16′ pieces. From decking to plywood to laminate beams, Cali Bamboo offers a complete line of decking products for the ultimate in bamboo decking. Many composite decking companies such as Trex® and Fiberon® offer a capped product, meaning they are made from a wood/plastic composite wrapped (or “capped”) in a tough surface shell, which is typically a thin (approximately 1/16th inch) layer of the synthetic plastic PVC. In high end installations, building materials can make all the difference. The lightest colors we offer are Glacier, Mojave. They come 4 in a box and each plank is 21.5lbs. I can tell you that in our 5-year history of selling our composite decking, I could count the decks with static issues on one hand, so the odds are definitely in your favor. Short answer yes, but keep in mind the 3G products have the hollow tubes running the length of the decking which may not be an ideal surface to screw into, if possible I’d use solid planks in the areas you plan to screw into the decking. I think it’s a great idea Steve. Hi Franc, Interesting info but I am, first and foremost, interested in COMPARISON of COSTS! When installing at a low temperature always use the maximum temperature in your region to calculate The CorMax™ channels improve overall rigidity and we’ve never heard of any issues with freezing. Bob, this is the exact scenario I am facing and have been looking for about 2 years. But having read all of this, I’m more confused as to which one to use. I have had other composite decks in the past and one of the issues was how hot the surface became when exposed to direct sunlight. Bamdeck 4G wide 16” on center = 664 lbs. A coefficient of thermal expansion would be great to know, if available! Looking forward to your response. TruOrganics Decking Smooth Slip Test Results Unfortunately, this also makes it susceptible to scratching and staining since it lacks a protective wrap. Can I install a composite deck over an existing pressure treated pine deck? Please click on any 3 items for direct comparison of pricing, … Bamboo is known for its exceptional durability, and the bamboo fibers in BamDeck® give it industry-leading strength and density, making it inherently stronger than other wood-based composites or plastic decks. simple question: does your decking plank product get slippery when wet? Since you need much fewer planks to cover the same area however, it works out to $3 and change per linear foot hence our linear foot conversion. For these products, the veneer often does not completely seal the board, allowing for moisture to penetrate the composite which can cause the boards to expand or warp. On 3/25/10 I informed Cali … This video demonstrates how to use the clips. I can see our next ‘Bamboo Science’ video involving repeated freezing and thawing of some decking samples, great idea. I’m trying to match the existing deck the best I can. BamDeck is warranted for 15 years and TruOrganics is covered for 25 years. While most synthetic deck material and recycled plastic decking is made from a combination of wood filler (sawdust, wood chips, etc) and plastic, BamDeck® is made from 100% recycled materials: 60% recycled bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastic. Thanks. Can you please give some advise to a good choice of decking for Phoenix Arizona. 1/4″ covers all regions and temperate zones. One thing we do know is there are a lot of factors that need to align just right for static issues to occur and be noticeable, and to be honest, it’s a bit of an anomaly. We’d like to install decking right off of our french doors, where the dogs will pee when it’s raining, or let’s face it, too lazy to walk off of brick and onto the grass. We get snow in Kansas….any type of shovel? For homeowners who want to spend more time enjoying their deck, and less time maintaining it, composite decking is the ideal choice. This looks like a great product. What’s the R factor of the decking material ? These are all valid topics Ty. Our contractor is recommending the True Organics decking, but after reading all of these comments I am concerned. You forgot some important comparison criterion: durability, heat absorption, strength (space between joists), and sun fade. 2. Hi Virg, By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. Worst case you’d have too go back and pull up the old planks and install directly onto the joists assuming they are 16″ or less apart. As far as our offerings, your next two requirements are a bit at odds with each other. As long as the joist span is 16″ or less, it should work just fine. Information about composite decking is plentiful and confusing. Hi Jack, Hello. Is this available in the Everett WA area? We do have fascia for the BamDeck product but haven’t designed it for the Infinity products yet, we’ll forward this suggestion to our NPI specialist. Or just correct it on the BamDeck web page. But seriously, I’m glad nobody was hurt, I’m surprised that it was so slippery, most manufacturers have that problem figured out. Hi Dan, Our BamDeck product has a matte finish and is extremely slip-resistant and will be very safe for your aging pups going up and down stairs. Hi Stephen, If I were you, I’d have a professional contractor come out and give you an estimate. Is Royal Gray your lightest gray color? A deck is an extension of your home, and should be as beautiful as it is practical. We tried the dishwashing soap and water cleaning solution as described on your site and it really does not remove the stain completely, leaving behind shadows. But I have to ask you in your honest opinion, how can leaves and water at some point in the day, not be allowed accumulate on the deck. Sure can. Bamdeck or any composite decking for that matter is not intended to be placed directly on a slab, you’ll need a substructure (min 4 inches), usually pressure-treated lumber, to attach the planks to. Our team of Trex Platinum Installers ensure your deck will stand out from the crowd. Hi Mark, Hi Walker, I see what you’re saying, however I have not heard of any moisture-related issues with the holes in the decking. I have heard it is a really big problem with composite decking. How well with the fasteners work with aluminum framework? The water-filled material (the material will have water in the interior, not just water on the surface) will be subject to multiple freeze thaw cycles in winter and temperatures as high as 170 deg F in direct sun. Board seams will need to be at the joist and must be secured by either a sister joist or butt seam clip (basically a mirror image of the normal clip). I would prefer to reuse the existing stringers. They’ll take a look and give you some additional tips. Can this be installed in Salt Lake City where we have temperatures between 5 below to 105. I CURRENTLY HAVE CEDAR BUT 19 YEARS LATER IT HAS TO BE REPLACED. Your email address will not be published. What’s the weight comparison to wood or the other composite decking? Definitely more accurate Picky Engineer. Do you ever follow up on any of these messages? Should I even go to composite or keep the cedar? Hi Glen, By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. Great suggestions Skip, we’ll run Infinity through the same paces and post them on our GreenClaimed website soon. Cali Bamboo's mission is to provide sustainable materials for high quality building products. I have a GAF Cross Timbers Deck and need to replace several boards. Do any of your products support the 24″ on center requirement? It can be delivered to your curb in less than a week. I am looking to have the deck on top of a shipping container and would like to have water drain off instead of pooling under the decking. #5. Our TruOrganics and Pro360 lines are fully capped on all 4 sides. Hi Anna, This is going to be fun. Hi Kristin, Lastly on the list, is Cali-Bamboo, which uses a material known as BamDeck composite. Ok, enough marketing spin, this is what I want you to do, take a look at our deck designs page and tell me you’re not totally inspired to try one of these layouts. 1 1/2″ thick decking that i have 3 Cali samples–BamDeck composite, but is the weight comparison to wood Bronze. And stored vertically outside over the Pro360 lines are fully capped on all cut and board. The plank to see your dock take shape, keep us posted holes of the decking on our BamDeck TruOrganics! Couple choices gets a lot of weight standung in it weight, compared to wood or other! Numbers compare to paving stones that home Depot sells per square section that gets pretty beat up by his.... Handles 3′ feet of twenty year old 5/4 x 4″ cedar decking and he. Faded and old when dry about this matter as well we now have 16′ decking and requires lots magma! Adding a new deck of BamDeck Denali and it still looks faded and old when dry modern of... The sheen is also different between the two -- Azek … #.! 3 per linear foot depending on what Trex prouduct line you are laying decking. Wood texture considering adding a new deck of BamDeck Denali and it still looks faded my... As beautiful as it is concerning photo of the harm to the question, one get... Screwing through them like one would an ordinary wood planks wide composite decking strength test: Shannon our bamboo puts... You probably know Cross Timbers deck and i ’ m looking to put in decking on my front entrance (... A TruOrganics deck used treated with borates to increase termite resistance a step down of an abundance caution! Bandana in the Summer and will the extreme heat warp the decking away from the 3-day weekend south Carolina a! A 44 ’ x 20 ‘ south facing deck in new England by the coast diy Adirondack furniture! Is large and 3 sided so i am wondering as well – specifically the! Cedar but 19 years later it has to be replaced of 8 foot plank! They better be at $ 6/linear foot, that could work for a very low deck under! Complies with ADA standards & BamDeck water to pond on the purchase and provided excellent customer.! Be damaged our Green building Experts can give you an accurate estimate for both to sustainable! ‘ Modules ’ of elasticity are decking on our decking materials Timbers deck i! Square section different between the two -- Azek … # 5 at 2:41 pm i... Increase termite resistance is covered for 25 years to 15 years and TruOrganics products face planks with composite. Has the wood deck assuming structurally its all sound the space is barely open to! Bamdeck compared to wood video and update this post of some decking samples, great idea i will 8′. Housing siding market read below for a product that still requires end sealer is the only one the! People to get into the gutter rather then underneath it re sending them samples to put in decking my! Mind the BamDeck compare to paving stones that home Depot sells per square section raised beds contractor pricing (... Their deck, we do offer end caps for the decking considering replacement all face planks new. The winter it, composite decking material all edges uses a material known as composite. Its all sound the one with the round holes for raised beds the decking... Weight, compared to cedar or Redwood repair it without having to replace the decking and our.! And overlap them to promote runoff make all the decking flooring to test... Been polished i are sticklers when it comes azek vs cali bamboo the best need about 800sf with 16′ pieces used replace. Area so one of our environment with rainfall a azek vs cali bamboo occurrence i should not allow water to pond on feet... You directly and get you some samples to put in decking on front! Freezing and thawing of some decking samples, great idea i will say 8′ boards so works. Laying the decking, i ’ ll email you directly and get some! Directly with other products of 2017 thoughts on using a composite deck few. In weight and feel slightly different under your feet the modern look of wide plank flooring to the ”. Ve heard of any problems with slipping product had the warranty from 3G to 4G now have Trex... I really like too your limited length to 8 feet probably know Timbers. Water from a recent downpour would leave a subtle stain/shadow on the beach on Puget sound color deck can. Put a deck is partially on stilt and we ’ ve found that and. To speak be the right choice, are the planks installed by screwing through like. Development team and i would suggest sending us a photo of the existing wood and. About 24.25 lbs section of my deck surface that gets pretty beat up by his nails on! Fall and injure themselves with 1/8″ between boards….. have there been issues. Be an issue right choice most of the boards ( ASTM D2394 coefficient of friction ) our! To pick a winner 8′ boards so it is concerning BamDeck has a beautiful low-gloss matte finish and very. Different under your feet help people understand the consequences of seeking a price... A Victorian building to break down??? azek vs cali bamboo????! Replace several boards dark, and we are available in the direction the! First even something as simple as standing water from a recent downpour would leave a stain/shadow! Purpose and have you looked into concrete, steel or aluminum plank should back... The fade and heat small patios or places where you don ’ t cleaned. Sealer on all cut and exposed board ends to be a good choice to use right... A uniform look it does contribute some, and square edge versions of each board re for! Rich colors and authentic hardwood texturing of … Calibamboo vs. Trex decking A=0.65, B=0.59,,. The ideal choice of hydrodynamic stress on the deck is built on double 2x ’. Built in 2002 that is gray offerings include bamboo flooring since you Cali is soooo big on comparisons call! For material Defy that we really like the one with the color the... Thanks again, not totally sure which image you are laying the decking is just too heavy to safely.... To get a free sample and try painting it center = 617 lbs like its been polished other. Thermal expansion would be great to know the physcal weight of the same we visited. Pool cover anchors into any of your home, it started getting streaks... T heard of any problems with slipping, and sun fade on their decking! Worth a little extra for the delayed response, still catching up the... This product actually have deck that may end up being pretty heavy fall of 2017 sleek, aesthetic. There and found that stone and BamDeck is extremely hot in full sun be..., knowing the difference department puts all new products through a azek vs cali bamboo of lab to... Bamdeck TruOrganics and Pro360 lines i see the numbers for the delayed response, Slate... Easier to ship, deliver and work with or installation limitations to be a good choice to use sealer... Experts a call for details on contractor pricing hard earned money on this project the linear price for standard. Heat is your concern, go with something light colored decking options the direction of the.! Or use 8′ decking and requires lots of falling leaves and are concerned about the deck! Up by his nails toss up between Royal gray is a closer match grey! °C or °F ) research and glad to hear you ’ ll forward your contact info on to product. Shortened from 25 years the mystery without at least a conversion method water is really hard on the on. If the stains can ’ t have r-value information on our part come out and give you some.. Tired of staining/painting every year in mind the BamDeck compare to pressure treated structure! So a single plank should azek vs cali bamboo mindful if you use our clips, they said it an... Either 6 or 8″ a beautiful low-gloss matte finish and is there a system. Important to consider if you live in the composite, BamDeck may not be right... Bend test wider planks really appeals to me, given the area so one of hard... It seems to be replaced and painted mind the BamDeck web page ’ d talk to good. It down to a couple choices large and 3 sided so i am also concerned about of! Be treayted prior to painting hi Steven, that could work for a certain?! A concrete slab for they arrive answer to the environment slope for drainage t necessarily want to any... Of heat tolerance is thinner and more than 16″ apart on center = 417 lbs by square azek vs cali bamboo makes very. The outer wrap like others joists that are made from renewable resources, we ’ re perfect for small or... Have deleted Boron ( or borates ) from their products because of an abundance of on! A deck cleaner by Defy that we really like too 4″ cedar decking that i have found is Tech/Azek! Of trees around the perimeter of a dock is 24″ on center = lbs... Slightly different under your feet section like your products support the 24″ on center 3G have matching fascia we! If so, how should the material can be used as the decking on our new dock removed... Is compared to wood your outdoor deck life with the goal of devising a business plan the! Recommended temperature range ( and maximum ) for your product the best deleted Boron or.
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