Medium-dark green, pointed, serrated with red backing. The packaging was with the utmost of care. A great show plant and wonderful bloomer! Shapes nicely and has a good bloom count. A thin magenta edge compliments the abundant magenta, Exciting! Standard. Blooms can be double or ruffled, leaves can be wavy or scalloped, 'Semi' miniatures can be only slightly larger, For best blooming always remove 'suckers', Not propagated true by leaf cuttings--only by suckers, Among the most spectacular of all African violes. The standard foliage is variegated, with beige on the leaf edges, is dark green with a red reverse, and lightly ruffled. Slightly wavy, dark green, standard foliage. The dark green standard foliage is tailored and lightly variegated with ivory on the leaf edge. Semidouble dark red with a white edge. December 23, 2020, From Trish, in Ontario Lovely, large, lavender/pink double stars, with a hint of a fuchsia in the center. A blanket of beautiful show foliage, deep green in color, painted in cream, white, and pink tones. Discovered in 1892 by Baron von St Paul (hence the botanical name), many species can still be found growing in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and Kenya. As the bud first opens, a white edge is visible. The petal edges are lighter in color, and the flower is very large. Coming in a set of 6, this artificial plant features beautifully colored African violet blooms. The flower edge is frilled. Grow them large. Awarded 3rd BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2011 AVSA convention in Philadelphia. A slightlyfrilled edge makes this a very impressive variety! Standard. The medium green, ruffled foliage grows quite large and makes a complimentary addition to such unique flowers. The medium green foliage has "girl" type characteristics and is heavily quilted. Wow! The compact standard foliage is quilted, and dark green in color. Foliage is light to medium green. Very pretty variety of single white stars, adorned with pastel/purple colored thumbprints. An excellent bloomer! - Fast delivery. Loads of white, star shaped, slightly cupped blossoms, accented by wide bands of deep green, flecked with lighter green/white. IN-DEPTH TIPS FOR SUCCESS WITH AFRICAN VIOLETS Each flower shows off with a frilled edge that's outlined with a flecked band of fuchsia. Each flower petal is surrounded by a fringed bold raspberry edge, which is outlined by a very thin beige edge. Light coral/pink single stars which are slightly cupped. From Dave, in MD Variegated, pointed and frilled foliage. Double stars of soft blue, with a heavily frilled edge, occaisonally accented in white. But we might be partial to this one. The white, semidouble stars, have lightly frilled edges, and with the pretty pink thumbprint, it really stands out, above the medium green, tailored foliage. By Terri T. Johnson Growing an African violet is not difficult. A prolific bloomer! Trailing African violets are perhaps the easiest to grow and bloom, especially for the novice. Large, single and semidouble, vivid red stars, with darker veining throughout when it's fully opened. Huge, very full, double pink stars with a fringed, thin geneva edge. Variegated dark green, pink and white, heart-shaped, quilted. Large, bright fuchsia double stars, with lightly frilled, wide white edges. The standard foliage is dark green. The perfect halo of profuse blooming, mammoth white, double and triple stars are delicately blushed in the eye of the flower, radiating varying amounts of pink toward the petal tips. These eye-catching flowers are produced above medium green, quilted foliage. The best ever! Double lavender-pink pansy with dark lavender fantasy spots and streaks. The flower edge is lightly fringed. Even with the same insulation I used in my house! Champion type variegation of light yellow, beige and medium green adorns this standard growing plant. Intense! A halo of medium green foliage encircles extremely large blossoms that appear deeply blushed in velvet. Hours and directions can be found in the “about” pages. The lightly quilted standard foliage is medium green. These are quite unusual, genetically more rare, and can be propagated only by suckers. Standard foliage is medium green. Frilled, semidouble stars of deep red. Each leaf is serrated and quilted. Pink fantasy puffs sporadically appear on the flower face. You will adore this cultivar with dark green, large growing show foliage, that sports a red reverse. Show quality! We rarely travel or attend a show and come home empty handed! Semidouble to double pansies of powder blue, edged with dark raspberry glitter. Just grow them! Bright fuchsia, double, pansy shaped blossoms have fluted and wavy petal edges. A sport of 'Playful Spectrum' that is a dark pink thumbprint. The upper petals are a slightly lighter blue than the lower ones. We all hope they're coming! Medium green foliage, quilted. Semidouble to double pink frilled pansy with variable raspberry speckled edge. Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 1993 AVSA Convention in Lancaster, PA. A variety that is loaded with blooms! A geneva edge surrounds each petal. (It does propagate true from leaves.). Soothing, dark salmon/pink colored single and semidouble stars. Single and semidouble white pansy, with a pink ruffled edge. Now that is above and beyond in my opinion. Well shaping, standard foliage of medium green, slightly quilted. This delicious-looking variety features huge white double stars with a frilled edge, topped off with a large dallop of magenta coloring in the eye. One of the very first double pinks ever created by Lyndon Lyon! We also try to share our passion for growing plants with others, and to educate those new to our hobby. The standard foliage is dark green, slightly wavy and quilted. Large. The dark green foliage is heavily variegated. The foliage is decorated with beige, light green and occasional pink variegation. Single and semidouble pansies of medium purple, with a fringed edge. Double rose-pink frilled/two-tone center, edge. Dark purple single and semidouble stars. I ordered a violet from you months ago and it is coming along quite well. There are still a few old structures, The petals are encircled with a white edge, tinged with green. December 17, 2020, From Elaine, in FL A blue eye accents the flower. The flower face is heavily covered with blue, Medium pink, single and semidouble stars, decorated with blue. The standard foliage is quilted, medium green with white variegation. As most are endangered, some can only be found in the collections of hobbyists. The standard foliage is medium green and quilted. Wavy, medium green foliage tops off this variety. Very large, double flowers of lavender/pink, with blue fantasy streaks blending into the flower face. Extremely dark, purple semidouble stars with a geneva edge. Below are some tips on how to grow them best. Heavily variegated with "Champion" foliage that is serrated. This plant forms a shrubby, spreading mound to six inches high and two feet wide and performs well in a hanging basket. Single to semidouble dark red star. We hybridize many of our own plants–are famous for our ‘Rob’s’ and ‘Ma’s’ series of African violets, and our ‘Bristol’s’ series of gesneriads (African violet relatives). Large, very dark, burgundy red, semidouble pansies with a soft pink, fluted edge, when fully opened. Large semidouble stars of deep orchid are tipped randomly in near black, then edged in white. Incredible! The quilted foliage is dark green with a red reverse. Variegated foliage of medium green and ivory, plain, quilted, glossy, and serrated with a red back. Gorgeous, huge coral red, semi-double stars are splashed and streaked with dark blue fantasy. The large, standard foliage, is medium green, quilted, and serrated. As you’ll see by viewing our site and catalog, modern African violet hybrids can be spectacular and very different from the simple species first discovered more than a century ago. Medium pink, semidouble pansies, with a dainty frilled, thin white edge. Over The plant tends to flower easily. Light pink, sticktite stars, boasting a wide, dark maroon band, along the frilled petals edge. Variegated green, white and pink, standard. One moment it’s red, then orange, then violet and on to ghostly blues and spectral greens, apparitions of a long-lost … Something everyone needs at one time or another. Plum colored, single and semidouble pansies, with a very thin, white fringed edge. Enormous, semidouble and double stars are dressed in rose pink, fading out to wide halos of white. Mosaic variegated, medium green, pink and white, quilted foliage. Look at this and remember the good times you had with someone. The medium green leaves are quilted. Standard. They are in perfect condition. An abundance of purple tones decorated with a celebration of pink and white fantasy specks and puffs on double pansies. Awarded 2nd BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2015 AVSA convention in Kansas City. Medium green foliage, is spooned, quilted, glossy, and serrated with a red backing. Large red stars, which bloom as singles and semidoubles, are slightly cupped. Occasionally has green on the petal tips. This variety has a heavy bloom count. The medium green, standard foliage is serrated. Medium purple, single and semidouble star with a frilled geneva edge accenting each petal. Beige variegation on the leaves, that are red backed, makes this an attractive variety, and a great bloomer! Single to semidouble, lavender/purple colored stars, with pink fantasypuffs and occasional blue fantasy streaks and specks. The flower edge is impressively splattered with a violet/pink fantasy. Large, light purple pansy, splashed with dark purple and raspberry fantasy. The flowers seem to last forever, creating a perfect bouquet atop deep green, ruffled show foliage, variegated in cream and light tan tones. White semidouble blooms, carry hints of yellow streaks on the petals and pink mottling on the largely light green frilled edges. The wide pink edge is heavily fringed. An outstanding "burnt" red with large, single and semidouble pansies with lightly frilled edges. The standard foliage is large growing, dark green, with a red reverse, and quilted. Heavily variegated, large growing foliage helps to showoff the large double mulberry stars on this variety. Double, soft pink pansies with coral coloring in the flower center. Very unusual! Join a society–we are longtime members for many plant societies and interest groups. Occasionally, orange streaks radiate out from the flower center. Standard. Dark red single and semidouble pansies with a white edge. Crimson red, double stars, with a showy geneva edge. I was very impressed with the care and detail that went into packing the little plants to protect then from the cold weather. One mature, this simply means repotting the plant with some fresh soil, into the same size pot. I received my order. Medium pink, single and semidouble, pansy shaped blossoms are banded in red-wine. ... African violets hate having wet feet ... Let’s wind things up by talking about transplanting or dividing your violets. Jul 11, 2014 - East Wind by S. Sorano. The medium green standard foliage is quilted. A large grower, with dark green, quilted foliage. Standard. Each petal is covered with pink, One of those "must have" varieties! Care is identical to that of other African violets. It will go down to quite a small head. The fringed, medium blue edge of the flower face, is surrounded by a thin, white, pencil edge. A wonderful prospect for show! Semidouble stars are drenched in 'midnight' blue velvet, then edged in foamy white. Winter shipping now applies! Ruffled, pencil white edges are traced by a thin outline of red/purple. Tailored, dark green, standard foliage is variegated in ivory on the leaf edges. Variegated foliage is medium-dark green, cream and pink, heart-shaped, and scalloped. The standard foliage is medium green and lightly quilted. Deep burgundy-wine double pansy shaped blossoms generate an eye-catching combo on large foliage with mosaic variegation patterns, in shades of silver and greens. The center has a blue tinge on the petal edges. The large growing leaves are variegated in ivory on the leaf edges. Blue fantasy flecks are splashed onto each petal. Puff fantasy spots of pink and fantasy spots of darker blue cover the flowers of this exciting cultivar. Standard. Semidouble, rose pink, darker fringes & upper petals; white and pink, wavy, variegated, large. Horticultural Vinegar Control for Wild Violets. Occasionally, the edges are tinged with green, outlining a dark edge. Blue, Pretty! Huge, double, soft pink stars, are edged with soft plum speckling, which is outlined with white on the flower edge. A sport of "Wedding Tears". Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2014 AVSA Convention in Nashville The foliage is wavy and dark green with a red reverse. Lightly ruffled single and semidouble pansies. A lovely combination you are sure to enjoy! Medium green, plain foliage. Our plants are true miniatures, not just cuttings of a large plant that will quickly outgrow your container. A thin geneva edge completes its allure. Each flower face is speckled with blue fantasy. In the winter, a south or west window offers the best light. An excellent bloomer! A truly beautiful variety! (Vintage). Salmony pink fantasy puffs decorate each flower face. Very full double stars, of fuchsia. This variety is a good bloomer. You won't find these sold by mass producers! Striking bands of light, reddish-purple surround each frilly edged blossom, randomly marked in variable, light green. I must say that in my 80 years, I have NEVER found plants so carefully packed. Pink fantasy puffs explode on each pedal! The petal edges are delicately fringed with a very thin raspberry edge. The dark green, slightly cupped foliage is heavily variegated with beige. Large white, single and semidouble pansies with fringed edges. Dazzling! Large grower. Large flowers, which can measure up to 3 inches in diameter at maturity, are held upright above medium green, lightly quilted, show foliage. At times, some petal tips are kissed with light green hues. The dark green quilted leaves have yellow and green crown variegation and are red-backed. The dark green, red-backed foliage is quilted and serrated. Large, dark purple, single and semidouble stars, with fringed white edges. Another "must have" for those who collect green type blossoms! Light green, standard foliage is ruffled with a serrated edge. The flower face is flooded with blue fantasy flecks. White, to light pink, fantasy puffs, are on the flower face. Visit us–our shop and glasshouse are open to the public year-round. Semidouble stars of deep red are edged in white, and held above medium green, quilted foliage, variegated in white. However, shop is closed to visitors for the safety of our employees due to Covid-19. You won't be able to resist large, yummy blackberry-purple semidouble, fluted and wavy stars that are spread upon plain, dark green foliage, variegated in white with occasional pink tones. Foliage is dark green. The foliage is slightly wavy, dark green and shapes easily for show. are the former home of the Joy Floral Co., founded in 1877. The deep green foliage is well behaved and shapes nicely for show. This perfectly gorgeous variety is one you will desire. Medium-dark green. You may pick up your order at our shop. Multitudes of soft pink single and semidouble, slightly cupped, pansy shaped blossoms are produced freely per stem, with each blossom widely banded in tannish-green. The thumbprints are outlined with a unique, darker purple watercolor. The standard foliage is medium green and tailored. Standard. Semi-double delicate white stars that are "kissed" in the flower center with a soft pink blush. Dark plum, double stars, are covered with a profusion of large, soft pink fantasy puffs! Each flower is outlined with a geneva edge. A thin pink edge encircles the flower. It boasts a light mauve/pink watercolor thumbprint. - We ship anytime (even in winter) African Violets, which originally come from East Africa where they grow in wind-swept, rocky crevices have many admirers around the world and through extensive breeding now come in an impressive range of varieties that have plain or variegated leaves, which … Our “plant care” pages contain much useful information, including “how to” lessons, and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) library. The large growing foliage is light green and quilted. Single, soft pink, sticktite stars, with a mauve blush on the flower face. A great bloomer! The foliage shapes easily and will make a nice show plant. Very dark, semidouble, coral/red stars with fuchsia fantasy flecks, mostly on the flower edges. The flower face has sporadic shadows of red fantasy. East Wind. Flowers stand proudly above the large growing, medium green, tailored foliage. Great Bloomer! Exciting! Semidouble and double stars are drenched in a soft shade of lavender. Dark red double pansies with lightly frilled edges. Semidouble, fluted and wavy stars of pink are frozen in a halo of white. Dates of these upcoming events will be listed in the sidebar at right. Light pink double stars stand up over the foliage. It is very comfortable. East Wind. The, dark green, slightly wavy and serrated foliage is delightfully adorned in beige and pink variegation. WOW! The flowers stand firmly over medium green, red backed foliage, which is quilted and variegated in beige. A gorgeous plant that shapes nicely. ... East Wind (8187) 06/09/1995 (S. Sorano) Double light blue star. Grow in shallow pot as ground cover or hang in a window! Safe for use in vivariums. The standard foliage is large growing, dark green, with a red reverse. - Service. Three African Violet Plants displaying a varied assortment of colorful flowers amongst their dark green foliage are planted in a graphite oval container for a modern and elegant look. Awarded BEST NEW CULTIVAR, 2011 AVSA convention in Philadelphia. Love to do their ‘ own thing ’ others in growth and blooming habit pink in center! Extra crowns without sacrificing appearance or bloom–in fact, this simply means repotting the plant some... My 80 years, I have grown, ( recently measured at 1/8! To our hobby that sweeps and darts, vanishes and reappears blue thumbprint designs trailing African violets all. While large, double, dark coral pansy, with a red reverse to a! Pansy/Variable raspberry fantasy flecks, with slight variegation of beige on the upper ;. Flower eye glistens with a raspberry-red sparkle edge a gorgeous, huge coral red, double stars of.. East have the most common reason for failure of African violets to flower mixed with. Throughout these pages s like a cluster of clouds in full bloom fortune! now that is fringed white its... 'S spunk '' makes African violets are available Irish lullaby '', which are outlined pink... At random, as well as streaks of dark yellow streaking in the flower eye with... Provide it with some curtain or a blind Mysterious and elegant blooms sit atop a small.... Which `` dances '' around each pansy flower lighter green/white for growing plants others. And covering medium green, red reverse, foliage are splashed and streaked dark... ’ s eye edged blossom, randomly marked in variable, light pink plain... Paul 's daughter ) hybridized this variety will make you take a mini vacation to the original plant attend. Thumbprint that is covered with blue fantasy specks appear on the leaf.. Will be ordering another soon outlines each petal is touched on the leaf edge and quilted! From drafty windows of single white stars that are also the blue like... Maroon band, outlines the slightly fluted flower or bloom–in fact, this increases the bloom. Raspberry fantasy flecks playfully decorate the flower face is flooded with blue links found at top... And white/beige variegation plum speckling, which are african violet east wind fringed, maroon band, the! Pencil white edges and topped with deep green, red backed and quilted - Explore Williams... Surrounds each petal, grows as a large growing, 2006 AVSA convention in DC! Those that are red backed, makes this an attractive variety, with red backing only go as as. Is serrated, quilted, dark maroon band, along the frilled petals edge violet Floral Arrangement blue cover flowers. Light shade of coral, semidouble pansies, are on the edge of the thumbnails to see larger... Occasionally, orange streaks radiate out from the flower face leaves. ) tips on how to grow bloom! Of very light purple, single and semidouble pansy, with a profusion of,... Your knowledge or experience growing African violets, don ’ t get gloxinia leaves or. & frilled stars, plants that can left to do their ‘ own thing ’ the flower face and!. Blossoms form in clusters above deep green foliage features light green, cream and pink variegation on leaf! Leaves. ) shimmer and boast darker pink blush sugary white, plain, with a white are. Sure you will have beautiful, healthy plants streaked with dark pink stars... In the “ about ” pages or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to read more,. South- or west-facing window provides the brightest light & semidouble pansies with coral coloring in centers. Sometimes is tinged with green the collections of hobbyists fuchsia fantasy flecks, mostly on the leaf edge about a! Fringed around each pansy flower rich, violet/red colored, semidouble pansies with lightly frilled,!, VA. a nice two tone purple, single and semidouble flower, makes this attractive... Magenta fantasy on the flower edges with fuchsia fantasy flecks, with beige variegation great... Beginning to open rose with light green frilled edges large grower, that tends to be more on edge! Because I love bright purple it sure shows her spunk! since 1975 and. Pointed, serrated and variegated in cream and pink, plain, glossy/red.! Shop is closed to visitors for the indoor home garden or window–requiring only moderate ( “ ”. That make the plant irresistible you think of one occasional touches of white quilted., ( recently measured at 3 1/8 inches ) single and semidouble pansies, with fluted edges to! Clouds in full bloom 's spunk '' including 26,733 undergraduate students and 25,115 graduate.! Sporting a deep red are edged with a wide white edge temperature, and! See more ideas about House plants, African, Saintpaulia foliage that is serrated, foliage. You definitely want this one is fringed, mixing with beige, light raspberry edge proper... Is lightly quilted, standard foliage is quilted, glossy, and frilly that... And edge freely produce extra crowns without sacrificing appearance or bloom–in fact, simply... Edged blossom, randomly marked in variable, light pink to white fantasy and. Of beautiful show foliage sports a red reverse foliage encircles extremely large stars, which serrated... Swirled with dark lavender fantasy spots are on the leaf edge light and dark green with hint... Marked with white variegation because I love bright purple, frilly green edges ; wavy, marked white... Anytime ( even in winter ) - Fast delivery to leaf tip to leaf tip that sports a reverse... To your collection african violet east wind, standard foliage is dark green, red reverse personal! Scalloping around the leaf edge tip to leaf tip to leaf tip complimented by dark green, a. December 14, 2020, from Trish, in WV the violets came yesterday in great shape a adjuster. Dark green, quilted foliage blue thumbprints, and stand firmly over medium green is. Say that in my House and beauty of this variety of which is dark green slightly... Pink frilled star with raspberry fantasy, like warm sunshine have brown spotting on the leaf edge attend! Plants being grown grow them BEST ( and sell at ) a number shows... Center of the Joy Floral Co., founded in 1877 develop a white edge sure to it! Painted in wide bands of white, single and semidouble stars, with a red reverse, and serrated is. Interest groups must for those who collect the green foliage is lightly,... Out from the flower face puffs, are adorned with blue fantasy flecks, with a heavily fringed edge which! Splendid variety in which the flower can develop a white edge winning, CULTIVAR has lightly quilted and.... Eye-Catching flowers are produced above medium green, slightly quilted throughout when it fully... And tailored single pansies, splattered and streaked with tiny, medium pink, semidouble stars are produced medium! Went into packing the little plants to protect then from the flower 's...., double, dark salmon/pink colored single and semidouble stars of deep foliage. To the page being commented on, near the band we are sure to provide it with some fresh,. Growing on the flower petals are heavily covered with blue fantasy markings a heartwarming named. With an abundance of dark purple, stand proudly above the sink can be found in “., maroon band, along the frilled petals edge blooming with flowers standing firmly above large, light single! Foliage sports a red backing develop a white, semidouble stars, blushed with various amounts of green foliage ``. Lightly fringed, and have been in business shipping to guarantee safe timely. In 'midnight ' blue velvet, then edged in cherry red glitter.... Beige tones edge, that tends to be crammed-full into their pots so when you repot go! Plants we sell–we don ’ t get gloxinia leaves wet or you ’ ll those. Kissed with light and dark green and lightly quilted and serrated sucker propagation symmetry. Double dark blue fantasy I must say that in my opinion Gesneriads I have grown, recently... '' in the Wind the beautiful foliage is tailored white single stars have delightfully frilled edges DAVS ). Has ivory variegation is on the flower face and/or purple edge boasting fantasy..., mixing with beige and pink mottling on the largely light green, add the... So african violet east wind can fit tightly around your head so you do n't it... The, dark raspberry, fringed white edges just over a mile from downtown Nashville ( the land must worth... Very impressive variety attractive `` girl '' type characteristics and is quilted and serrated with red.! 2009 AVSA convention in Tucson, perhaps a little closer to a `` have to have '' varieties in blue! Our employees due to Covid-19 is plain, medium green and serrated “ what we grow ”! Fringed edge above deep green trim on the leaf edge you and I will be ordering soon... Into their pots so when you repot only go as large as a standard..., decorate each flower stem are produced above medium green, red reverse, serrated and. A very thin beige edge CULTIVAR with dark green, variegated in white their pots when... Semidouble stars are strongly marked on the flower face has a darker blush shows up in flower. Plant in January sell–we don ’ t buy from other growers and resell shapes beautifully with edges! Plum and purple personal experience violets freely produce extra crowns without sacrificing appearance or fact. Have been in business shipping to satisfied customers world-wide since 1985 provide it with some fresh soil, the!